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Ladies in white and the horrors of communism

Minos Azahares
Oil on canvas

Ladies in White and The Horrors of Communism. Birds of prey seem to want to take away what God has given you, to bring frustration into your life. The collection “Horrors of Communism” seeks to convey a message about the tragedy that has accompanied communist regimes throughout history, encouraging the viewer to reflect on the dangers of unrestricted power and the importance of protecting human rights and democracy. . In this case, these works are aimed directly at the historical and social impact of communism in Cuba and in different regions and moments in history, where communist regimes have murdered more than 100 million people over the years. Currently in Cuba, more than 1,000 people are still imprisoned for asking for freedom on July 11, 2021 with prison sentences of more than 10 years, the vast majority of them young people and among them minors. This small island, just 90 miles from the United States, is home to the most bloodthirsty murderers in the region, including terrorists from ETA and from many countries around the world with the blessing of the European Union and some congressmen and left-wing parties in the United States. . State. In any case, the work aspires to provoke dialogue and critical reflections on the power and importance of protecting freedom and human dignity in Cuba and in the world.



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