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In a world in which freedoms and rights are increasingly restricted, Dissident art is conceived as a space to free art from censorship and take it anywhere in the world. Allowing artists who live in authoritarian contexts or who are in exile as a result of persecution, to recover their dignity through art, marketing their works in a virtual gallery.

Dissident art is an online art gallery that seeks to connect artists who come from non-free contexts and who have suffered repression and censorship, with people interested in buying art with political and social sensitivity, people committed to democracies, people who defend freedom and believe that a better world is possible.

In itsyear report 2022, Freedom House reported that 38.4% of the world's population lives under regimes in which there is no freedom and 60 of these countries worsened the quality of democracy during the last year.

Freemuse in yourreport on the state of artistic freedom 2022 reported that 38 artists were murdered in 12 countries, 119 were imprisoned in 24 countries, 253 were detained in 38 countries and 133 were persecuted in 34 countries. 


In Cuba, according to Freemuse, 8 artists were reported imprisoned, 7 persecuted and 59 detained during 2021, in one of the strongest contexts of repression globally, as a result of the July 11 demonstrations.

Authoritarian regimes do not accept difference and see in art a means to channel nonconformity and unrest, which is why artists of all kinds are persecuted and censored, preventing them from disseminating their works or marketing them inside or outside their own countries.  


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