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SOS Cuba

Minos Azahares
Oil on canvas with copper wire

SOS Cuba summarizes the collective voice of the oppressed and marginalized population of this country asking the world for help. The artist channels the frustrations, struggles and aspirations of people who feel invisible and disenfranchised. The composition of the artwork represents a diverse group of individuals, representing different ages, genders and backgrounds, united in their pursuit of freedom. Their expressions convey a variety of emotions, including determination, resilience, and longing for justice. Three vibrant colors dominate the canvas and symbolize the energy and passion that fuel your desire for change. The brushstrokes are dynamic and expressive, reflecting the urgency and intensity of her plea. Within the work of art, symbolic images and metaphors are incorporated to convey the exploitation and mistreatment that people suffer. The prisons and other visual elements represent the oppressive forces they face, while the elements or wings of nature symbolize their longing for liberation and lost peace. “SOS Cuba” serves as a poignant reminder of the power of art to convey social and political messages. It speaks to the resistance of those who have been silenced and marginalized, inviting viewers to reflect on the importance of collective action and the search for justice in the face of oppression.



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