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Fossil fuel

Ogbe Art

The lamp is an object rooted in the Cuban idiosyncrasy, especially after the special period and the 12-hour blackouts where the lamp was the savior of each family, the only way to get light for a long time. However, today the lamp is a disused tool, a reminder that those dark times are not very different from the present. The years pass and Cuba remains in the same place, frozen in time, adrift. Cuba is a lamp, it is evidence to the world of a worn out and corroded system that is no longer useful, that does not work. From the inside, those who survive it see the outside as a blurry, unattainable reality. It's not a country, it's a prison. The people are the fuel from which the governmental lighthouse is nourished to show what they want the world to see. They oppress them and make them aware that they have no escape and that they are vulnerable so that they remain silent, to maintain their discourse, so that public opinion only sees the light. Created on October 10, 2021. It belongs to the series The Book of Worms, Chapter III: The Mechanism.



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