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Mystery of Truth

Ogbe Art

As a result of the events of July 11, 2021 in Cuba, around 1,300 Cubans were arrested, hundreds of whom were sentenced to years in prison. Among these there were even minors, separated from their family, arrested and subjected to trials. This photograph represents this process, which showed the world how murky and unfair the Cuban judicial system is. The participants as statues, without will, without soul, without criteria, submerged under the tide of the political dictatorship, located at the base of the photograph as elements of greatest weight. An accused stands just under a halo of light, in front of him, hidden in the shadows, the figure of a judge, while the witnesses in this trial hide their heads in the sand like cowards. The symbolic clarias swim freely around them. Popularly known as clarias are those people, followers of the regime who support it or take advantage of the benefits of supporting it by attacking those who oppose it, acting as puppets at the will of the dictatorship and who, like the well-known fish, are a species invasive and harmful to the environment. The Plaza de la Revolución, a place that once brought together masses in support of the revolution, is now a witness to all the atrocities. And the blindfolded figure of Martí symbolizes the loss of values, human rights and the shame that these events represent for the Cuban people. Created on December 13, 2021. It is part of the photographic series The Book of Worms, Chapter II: The Institution.



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