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Ogbe Art

Using a painting by the Renaissance painter Gianpetrino Repro, about the delivery to Salomé of the head of Juan Bautista, this photograph shows Diaz Canel, as the scapegoat of an entire system of power existing in Cuba in which the truly powerful hide in the shadows. The triangular composition of the work places emphasis on each of the faces, which do not go unnoticed by the observer and places special emphasis on the decapitated head of the president. In the background we see López-Callejas, who we assume executed the beheading order, dictated by a power even greater than his. Who really rules in Cuba? This unanswered question is part of the murky and opaque political fabric of the nation. The answer, as in this photograph, is hidden in the shadows. We do not know to whom that head is being given, we only know that Canel is nothing more than a puppet who bears all the blame and when he is no longer useful, he will be discarded. Created on July 11, 2021. Belonging to the photographic series The Book of Worms Chapter IV: The Dome.



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